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With the use of our 3D printing technology, we can make prototypes tailored to the needs of our customers. We manage the end-to-end process, including prepaing the project, inputting the instructions and ensuring full fucntionality from the protoype. We make prototypes from all materials available in the market for the FDM (FFF) method, among others. ABS, PLA, nylon and many more.

Our printer has a working area of 600x600x1200 mm but we can cope with larger protoypes if they are required through assembling them from different parts. We are very flexible, offer a fast turnaround and importatly price comptitively.

Key information:
– Maximum size of a single element 600x600x1200 mm
– Minimum thickness of a layer: 0,1 mm
– Maximum thickness of a layer: 0,9 mm
– Printed elements may however require additional processing dependent on the function of the piece

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3D Printing

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