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In the current competitive business environment, we believe that innovation is the key to success. For this reason, large private companies, state institutions and international organisations put great focus on supporting innovation. 

In terms of technology and engineering, developing innovative solutions most often involves scaling innovative ideas from the concept level to developing a market ready solution. At some point on this innovation path, a prototype of the solution is needed to verify the concept. Initially, it will be a verification of the assumptions underlying the mechanism of operation, followed by assumptions about the scalability of the technology, the performance of the prototype on a reduced scale, and, finally a full scale prototype. Very often the first steps in the development of innovative technologies are undertaken at, or in close collaboration with both academic and technical universities.

Our company specializes in complete prototyping models for scientific institutions and private companies. We offer complete solutions in this field: making prototypes in house, talking with customers around the possibilities of the agreed technology and carrying out complete tests of made prototypes. All actions are done in line with a development plan in consultation with the customer.

Our advantages are three fold. Our close co-operation with the staff of several recognized technical universities in Poland, our excellent knowledge of the requirements and needs of the technology sector, and our experience and flexibility to execute orders from different technology areas (power engineering, mechanics, electronics).

We are interested in cooperating with universities (primarily technical universities and polytechnics), technology startups and enterprises of any size (SME sector and large companies). If you are interested in finding out more about us, either as a partner or a client, please fill in the contact form and provide a brief description of how best we can help you.

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